Access:Check offers a number of packages and consultation services. All services will be tailored to consider your specific needs and requirements.

Please use the contact form to enquire about booking Access:Check for a consultation or other accessibility service.

If you are a LARP organiser you can make use of the resources and services on offer at Access:LARP.

Document Review
Price – £40

A review of up to four documents. Documents will be reviews to make sure they are inclusive and sensitive of accessibility and disability and to assess how accessible they are to your audience. You will be provided with a report containing critique and comments, as well as suggestions for improvement and edits should any be necessary.

Documents can include:

  • Booking forms
  • Equality and Diversity statements
  • Scripts and guidelines for staff
  • Information signs and pamphlets
  • Handouts

A surcharge may be added for long documents.

Price – £15/hr

Suitable for a range of events and businesses from art galleries to interactive theatre. Consultations are tailored to your needs and can include document reviews, answering your questions, reviews of particular scenarios, accessibility audits, face to face meetings and on-going support.
Site visits may incur a surcharge to cover travel expenses.

Training and presentations
Price: £100 per half day

If you have a larger team and want to make sure you are on top of accessibility with regard to interactive theatre, live experiences, exhibitions, conventions or other events you may want to arrange a training session.
Access:Check can run a half day training session or workshop tailored to your needs to help your team understand the complexities and considerations of making your event or attraction accessible.

Content incudes:

  • An introduction to Accessibility
  • Core concepts of Accessibility
  • Considerations for mental health accessibility
  • Accessibility in different areas of the event organisation
  • Examples and scenarios of access needs and how they can be tackled
  • Writing accessible encounters, stories, plots or content
  • Finding an accessible venue or site

Please note the price does not include venue hire or travel costs though Access:Check can work with you to find a suitable location if you do not have your own.