Access: Check started by providing Accessibility Guides for the Live Action Roleplay Community. These Guides can all be found at Access:LARP.

Whilst the Guides on Access:LARP can provide helpful information for people in other areas, they are tailored specifically to LARP events and may not serve everybody’s need. Since Access: Check believe that accessibility is for everybody, Access: Check is here to provide accessibility advice and consultations to those who need it.

Whether you are running a convention, putting on a gig, or managing a museum or art gallery, accessibility is something that needs to be considered so your visitors can have the best experience. Access: Check believes that accessibility should be considered from the start so that accommodations really suit the people who need them. We know that you can’t provide every accommodation needed by every person however, being aware of situations that may arise and the access needs that people have means that we can offer a broader range of accessibility to people who need it.

The core principal of Access:Check is:

It’s not about making it easier for the disabled person, it’s about making it no more difficult than for anybody else.

See the services page to find out how Access:Check can help you make your venture more accessible.